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Hello everyone,  spring is here and the weather is getting hot already but I also do photo sessions up in Mt Charleston spring and summer! The temperature up there is always cooler and more comfortable and I have lots of beautiful spots I use. 
Send me a message and we can talk about having a session with me.
 Thanks, Misty.
    pup  ok-1476  fb.jpg
    pup  -2541.  fb.jpg
    done pink 1 fb.jpg
    pup  -9407  crop.jpg 2.jpg
    Chupy   last for FB2.jpg
    Winston fb.jpg
    pupok-3174  fb.jpg
    pup   -7353  fb.jpg
    pup-0149   fb final.jpg
    pup  -2034  fb.jpg
    pupnew-5174 fb2.jpg
    pup-7448  fb.jpg
    ssss-8762 fb light.jpg
    pup  -3992  fb.jpg
    pup -2810   fb.jpg
    pup  eye crop new.jpg
    kona-3320- fb group.jpg
    7283 FINAL new delicate on her and awake
    pup  -8576   crop1.jpg
    maddie-7899  business cards.jpg
    pup-4831 fb.jpg
    pup-3504   fb.jpg

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