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    Please feel free to call or text me with any questions about a session with your dog or horse. 
    If anyone would like a bonus session for snow photos at Mt Charleston this winter let me know.
    You can pay the one-session fee and have your main session when things are greener and the leaves are back on the trees in the spring.
    We can do the extra snow session for fun now!!

    Thank you Misty 702-665-1868

    pup  -1386  fb.jpg
    pup  -9407  crop.jpg 2.jpg
    pup  -2067 fb.jpg
    ok-0882. fb.jpg no tail.jpg two.jpg
    Harley and Pixy King Charles Spaniels
    pup  -8576   crop1.jpg
    pup-5434  2nd full crop.jpg
    pup  -2962 last.jpg FB.jpg
    ok- ready  fb.jpg
    pup  -2209.   fb.jpg 2.jpg
    pup  -3484  fb.jpg
    pup-5617 fb.psd light - Copy.jpg
    pup  -1029. fb.jpg
    pup-5666  final less tree CROP.jpg
    kona-3320- fb group.jpg
    7283 FINAL new delicate on her and awake
    pup  -1069 fb.jpg
    pup3-6824  fb.jpg
    ok-7086  NEw sky.jpg 2.jpg
    pup  -2289  fb.jpg
    pup-1132 canvas fb.jpg
    rory-15520  FB.jpg
    pup-3016    fb 35 delicate.jpg
    Chupy   last for FB2.jpg
    original redo judio fb2 last light.jpg
    pupnew-5174 fb2.jpg
    pup-0149   fb final.jpg
    pup-9670 fb.jpg
    ss-4453   fb.jpg
    pup-4840 fb.jpg
    meko-0357 crop close.jpg
    fb  9714.jpg
    pup -2786  fb.jpg
    pup -8103 fb.jpg
    pup -8892 crop.jpg
    pup-3504   fb.jpg

    In loving memory of Milo 2001-2011

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