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All wildlife images are available to hang on your wall.

Please contact me for more information.

Wild Burro family at sunset
I have my eye on you
Running against the storm
Wild horse in snow in mountains of Cold Creek
Wild mustang under a year old in his winter coat
Mother and son sharing a tender moment ( wild horses)
7 week old Burrowing Owl
The Stellar's Jay and his peanut!
Tundra Swans
Snowy Egret
Mr and Mrs  Mandarin ducl
Wild horse couple sharing a tender moment in a windy day
Beautiful Great Horned Owl
Wild horse couple sharing a tender moment in a windy day
Rufous juvenile Hummingbird
Mom and son Great Horned Owls
Red tailed Hawk juvenile closeup
Wild horse bachelors
Mr Elk smiling at me
Play time with wild Burros!
Toby Wild stallion in snow.jpg CROP
Mare and her week old colt at the creek
Nap time for mom and kids Olive and Luca
Wild horses stallion and yearling playing
Mule Deer
Northern Harrier on the hunt
Wild Burros not happy with each other. fb
Northern Harrier female Hawk on the hunt
two day old wild colt Mika
pup  -7944.  fb
Great Horned Owl
Stellar's Jay
Portrait of a Coyote
Female Elk drinking from sprinkler
Baby wild Burro saying hello
Mr and Mrs Great Horned Owl
Juvenile Burrowing Owl
Wild horse drama
Elk at sunset in mountains
Wild horse Mica having a snack
Golden Mantle ground Squirrel eating a snack!
Roadrunner at sunset
Mule Deer
Cooper Hawk
Big Horned Sheep with baby
Wild horses Dahlia and her one day old son River
Wild horse stallion Fletcher
Pelicans diving in sequance
Great Horned Owlets
Wild stallion in the forest
Sunset with the wild Burros part 2. FB
Wild stallion Liam in the mountains
Grey Fox
Mule Deer
WIld horse Buckskin stallion beauty
Wild stallion Glacier
Cold Creek Mustangs
Baby Wild Burro
Male Vermillion Flycatcher
Mr Elk in Cold Creek
Coopers Hawk
Mother and daughter at sunset
Four week old Burrowing Owl baby
Woodhouse scrub jay
Peek a boo
five hours old wild colt
Owl at sunset
Mr and Mrs wild Burro
Wild Stallion Mt Charleston
Unusual Bee in the mountains
Great Horned Owlet siblings sharing a moment
Blue eyed  young wild horse
Stellar's Jay posing for my camera
Wild horse golden stallion
Great horned Owl mom and Owlets
Beautiful proud 2 week old Wild Horse filly
Bull Elk in snow
Bald Eagle
Female Northern Harrier
Western Bluebird
wild-3903 fb only.jpg new
White Faced Ibis preening
Wild horse
Buckskin one week old wild colt
Young Elk in the mountains
Green Heron
Wild horse mare and her 10 month old son
Wild stallion Hector
Wild horse family
Bighorn sheep and week old baby
Green- tailed Towhee
Lazuli Bunting
My favorite young  wild horse I named Liam
Juvenile Great Horned Owl
Peek a Boo
butter-1988 Done
My 2 favorite bachelor Wild young horses
Great Blue Heron in flight
Mom and baby calf Elk
Red tailed juvenile hawks
Newborn Wild horse hiding under his moms tail
Very young wild horse filly
Three young female Cow Elk at sunset
Snowy Egret on a windy day day
Close up Coyote portrait
Blue eyed wild horse
Thank you for the peanut!!
Big horn Sheep at sunset
Wild horse River profile at one day old
Great Horned Owl teenagers
Bald Eagle
Its all about the eyes!
The yawn
Bull Elk showing me what he thinks of my camera LOL
Such a sweet soft photo of this Rabbit out in the wild
ellow Rumped Warbler  saying hello there!!
Wild Stallion Micky in the mountains
One day old wild horse Forest
10 week old Great Horned Owlet
Wild horse newborn beauty
Wild stallion
Female young Elk at sunset
Greater Roadrunner
Beautiful rare Grey Crowned Crane
Great Horned Owl after dark
Wild horse siblings resting
One of my favorite Mustangs in Lee Canyon Liam
A week old wild colt
Great Blue Heron
Beautiful 4 week old wild horse Forest
Young Wild Burro among the wild flowers
Female Belted Kingfisher
Two stallions sharing a rare tender moment
Peek a boo
Blue Dragonfly
Young wild stallion Glacier
Wild horse Mica
Pelican Island
Mr Great Horned Owl and dinner
Beautiful month old wild horse colt
Roadrunner spreading his feathers in the sun
Yummy peanut
Great Horned Owl at sunset
Grey Fox sleeping in a tree
Aww dropped the peanut
Golden Wild Stallion
Deer at sunrise
Wild horse young stallion Daneli
Wild Mustang Cloud
Great Blue Heron closeup
Beautiful Lazuli Bunting
Jack Rabbit
Great Horned Owlets
Great Horned Owlets
Colorful Mandarin Ducks
Black stallion in the mountains
pup   -8265  fb.psd NEW CROP
Yellow headed Blackbird and its reflection
Wild horse mare and her 2 young sons
Elk calf napping
Coot baby few weeks old
Coopers Hawk
Golden wild stallion
Bald Eagle
Wild mare Mrs Brown and few hours old son Rory
Wild colt Rory at 7 months old Mt Charleston.
Showdown of 2 stallions
Mr Great Horned Owl and dinner
Wild horse in the mountain scenery at sunset
Stellar's Jay and his favorite snack
Coyote posing for my camera
Roadunner with a snack for a potential mate
Wild Burro in the mountains
Mom and son closing their eyes from the strong winds
Great Horned Owl
Few week old wild colt and his dad enjoying a good roll in the dirt
Red Shouldered Hawk at sunset
Five day old wild horse with mom
American White Pelicans
Juvenile Cedar Waxwings
Stallion and his mare
Mr Elk at sunset
Mother and son Wild horses
Trio of Pelicans
12 week old Great Horned Owlets
Blue Grosbeak
Luna Wild Mustang and her mon
Why hello there Mila!
Baby Elk cooling off in the pond
Red tailed Hawk Juvenile and a Coopers Hawk
Young Wild Burro
Month old wild colt
Teenage Coyote on the run at the lake
Western Tanager
One month old Rory a stunning wild horse
Belted Kingfisher with dinner
Northern female Harrier
Red tailed Hawk 5 weeks old
Wild Burros
Hooded Meranger
Wild horse new born
Wait for me mom!
one weel old Black Chinned Humming birds
Ruby Kinglet
Stellar's Jay and his peanut
Family of Great Horned Owls napping
Hello there Mr Coyote
Mrs  Brown
Red.tailed Hawk having alot to say
Burrowing Owl
Lewis's Woodpecker
Mom and son wild mustangs
Great Egret
Young Big Horned Sheep
Great Horned Owlet 6 weeks old
Cold Creel Mustang
Badger on the run
Barn Swallows
Peek a boo Forest
Mr and Mrs Burrowing Owls
Greater Roadrunner
Owlet giving me the stare down
Adult Coopers Hawk closeup
Wild horse and her baby
Profile of a wild colt
Vermilion Flycatcher
Milo Great Horned Owlet with his mom
Wild burro at sunset in golden light
Two week old wild colt
Wild mare back lit by the sun
The wink
I see you
Great Horned Owl set of 3
Great Egret side by side with the Snowy Egret
Burrowing Owl
Family of wild horses
Elk at sunset
Coopers Hawk
Peek a boo I see you!
Wild mustangs mom and son in the mountains
Red tailed Hawk juvenile
Grey Crowned Crane
Raccoon posing in tree
Cow Elk with her newborn
Peek a boo
Wild  Colt a few hours old
Hoary Bat waking up and yawning
Kiss kiss bunnies!
Pelican landing
Dahlia and her few hours old son
Family of Wild Burros
Wild horses  kicking up some dust
Osprey with a snack
Killdeer mating
Coyote posing
Burrowing Owl at sunset
White faced Ibis and Black Necked Stilt
Peek a boo
Hooded Merganser
pup -7891 fb
Blue eyed wild young mustangf
Snowy Egret on a windy day
Having a snack
Black Swan
Few day old Wild Mustang
Cottontail Rabbit
Juvenile Cedar Waxwing having a snack
Burrowing Owl
Wild horse and his friend the Cowbird
Five hours old wild colt I call Rory
Coyote posing for me
Winking Owlet
Roadrunner closeup
Bald Eagle
Mountain Bluebird
Baby wild horse River sleeping like a pretzel
Great Horned Owl
Coming in for a landing
Coyote backlit from the sun in the golden hour
Anna's Hummingbird
Wild horse family
My favorite wild horse
ok-4922.  fb - Copy
Juvenile Great horned Owl
Young Mule Deer posing for me
pup -7456 fb only
Red tailed Hawk  only 8 weeks old
Great Blue Heron
Vermillion Flycatcher in flight
Mustang 7 months old
pup  -9538. fb only
Ten day old Elk
American Robin
Windy day with a Great Horned Owlet about 11 weeks old
Rabbit giving me a face for taking his photo
Great Blue Heron
Wild Stallion at the creek
Green Heron
Rare mountain purple butterfly
Handsome Great Horned Owl portrait
Hooded Merganser
Elk at sunset
Steller's Jay
Juvenile Great Horned Owl
Bird Yoga
-4855..psd rory fb
Belted Kingfisher female
Fooling around with his step dad
Greater Roadrunner
Black stallion the General
Belted Kingfisher
Northern Harrier
Week old wild horse colt
wild-3903  crop redo 2
Head tilt from the Killbird
pup-7306 fbonly.jpgnew
Wild stallion
Brother and sister wild horses
Wild horse
Anna's Hummingbird
Burrowing Owl male
Female Notheren Harrier
New born few hours old and his mom
Wild Mare Mrs Brown
The beautiful colorful male Wood Duck
r and Mrs Great Horned Owls
Coyote peek a boo
Young wild colt with Elk in background
Red Shafted Northern Flicker Woodpecker
pup   -0759   fb
Great Blue Heron in flight
Mountain Bluebird
pup   -0745   fb
Two wild stallions showing who is lead stallion
Six  wild Burros all in a row
Great Horned Owl
pup -7813    fb
White faced Ibis
Peacock in the forest
pup-8273  fb only
American Kestral about to fly off
Snowy Egret
Cow Elk in the mountains
WIld colt Rory at 4 months old
Black Stallion
Two male Wood ducks
Wild horse mare
Stunning brown wild  stallion
Brown stallion  snow falling
Colorful Mandarin Duck
Wild Burro portrait
Young Coyote
Young Burro
White face Ibis
Wild horse Paint stallion
Baby Burro
Blue Grosbeak on ground looking for food
Night Crowned Heron
Stallion in the mountains
Bald Eagle
Red Tailed Hawk
Male Wood Duck
Young black stallion colt
Peacock hanging out in a old stable
Young wild horse filly
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