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Piper the Shih Tzu
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 My outdoor on-location  photo sessions in Las Vegas are for dogs and horses along with their humans too. I  have lovely scenic backgrounds I like to use to make the most stunning portraits, but I can also come to you and photograph your animal where they're most comfortable in their home ( cats too) setting or barn. My style how I  would describe it is artistic, with rich vibrant colors, very unique and a bit whimsical.


My sessions have no real time limit, with dogs,  cats,  and horses some take a while to get comfortable and I never want to rush the session, I'm all about getting the most beautiful images that really brings out their spirit,  and personality to always have to cherish.     


 The pictures I do of the dogs all look so well trained but they're not really. I photograph shy, timid dogs and hyper-full-energy ones,  so many kinds of personalities I give them all the time they need to relax and get comfortable with the surroundings and  I have a lot of patience to get the best pictures possible.

Most are kept on a leash and I can edit it out later. Same with the horses



Please contact me at For Evermore  Pet Photography for more information about my sessions and any questions you may have.

My session fee is $175


Misty  702. 665.1868 or


Thank You,  look forward to talking with you.






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7283 FINAL new delicate on her and awake
Norwegian Forest cat Rory
Two little rescue mixed dogs Rio and Lola.
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pup   -1564 crop.jpg
Irish Setter named Maddie
Harley and Pixy King Charles Spaniels
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Three year old little girl Penelope
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