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About the Photographer

My Milo, 2001-2011 forever in my heart

Hi, I'm Misty

Photographer and animal lover at For Evermore Pet Photography. 

Dogs, cats and horses have always been a big love of mine thru out my life and photography has always been a favorite hobby.

A couple of years ago I decided to combine them both and start up For Evermore Pet Photography;  I couldn't ask for a better job.

I have three cats of my own, Lola, Rory and Meko who also act as my in home studio models when there are no dogs around.  


I love to photograph dogs of all sizes and breeds, cats and horses too. The best compliment I could possibly get is when an owner tells me I brought out their pet's spirit, character and personality in an image.  My biggest pleasure is to be able to capture the connection between an animal and their human, showing the special loving bond they share,  if  you would like to be in a few pictures too.  

I prefer to shoot outdoors in  natural light and I try to find interesting backgrounds which is a challenge for Las Vegas, but I have quite a few hidden treasures.  I also do indoor studio style unique pet portraits  that have a fine art painted  look to them  for dogs that may be more comfortable in their own home and also horse sessions at their barn.


On a final note I want to talk about the reason I picked the name For Evemore  Pet Photography and what it means to me.  My beautiful cat Milo, passed away in March 2011 suddenly of congestive heart failure.  It was very unexpected and I was devastated.  I went through all my old photos of him afterwards and realized there wasn't any of the two of us other than one my sister took the day I got him at three months old.  It's not the best quality  photo but, it means the world to me.


I always put off taking photos of the both of us thinking I had more time and regret it now.  So whether you book a photo session with me of your four legged loved family member or you take some on your own, just make sure you do so you will always have those special images "for evermore".


Please check out my web site and all my photos, I put a lot of love and passion into my work, so enjoy and I hope to hear from you. Contact me for more information.


 Thanks, Misty













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